Sulden / Solda – South Tirol, Italy : Snow in June

Horses, Solda, Italy by OneHundredRoads (c) 2014
Horses, Solda, Italy by OneHundredRoads (c) 2014

From my European travel journal (June 29, 2014):

“In Sulden (Solda) Italy,  the Vinschgau valley of the Stelvio National Forest…

What a beautiful place and a wonderful hotel we found, Hotel Nives.  Modern and new, with a disarmingly nice staff who, for the most part, speak English. We are still in the Tirol, actually Sud Tirol, so the food portions are huge. We ordered a prime piatti (first course) of pasta to share which was more than enough. Then had locate Tirolese special beef filet with onion sauce which was excellent, again more than enough in one portion to share. Both dishes were served split between two dishes with no extra charge.

The view of the mountains is spectacular. Last night at about 10:30 pm, it started snowing!  I can’t believe it. June 29th and snowing. We checked out this morning and are heading out toward Merano. Before we leave though, we took the chairlift up to one of the mid-peaks on the south west side of the mountain bowl. Tiny is hiking up a bit, I am sitting at the cafe having an excellent cappuccino. I will probably be sunburned on my face as the sun has come out in full force today. There is a beautiful blue sky, crisscrossed with white clouds above the mount peaks. The peaks are black and grey with startling bright white filling in all the cracks and covering the top, like a dusting of powdered sugar.  Around me, the sound of snow melting and the quite conversation of some Italian hikers sitting nearby. A beautiful place…”

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